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Propaganda-type education, rewriting of history, political and virtual economy oblige. Just thinking that the mostly sold, Pentagon approved videogame is ; Call of duty, shows how government morality on education is doubtful. We are far from the Walt Disney educational animated videos
There is a law in glorious USA prohibiting foreign funded NGO,s to operate in U.S.___ But the many U.S.-C.I.A.-N.E.D.-G.Soros funded ones are used for ingerence in other countries (like USAID and many others) with the excuse of help, like funding a small farmers cooperative(which is a communist-type institution, for instance), or local citizens coop to build a school, water well or church.___These are the good intentions for introduction in the country___but the real intention is ingerence in local economy and political affairs, destabilization and creation of chaos to trick elections, take local political and economy control, permit multinationals to privatize local industries and install puppets, like did in Yugoslavia (OTPOR movement) Russia (GOLOS) Venezuela (coup to have Chavez assassinated) Ukraine, or arm pay train mercenary terrorist death squads, like in Libya, Syria (read one of the John Perkins book to understand how it is done) see the sites - ___

Role and Mission of NATO

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (N.A.T.O) role is to defend any of its member Nation, in case of an attack from a non-member Nation __BUT__ Now controlled by glorious predator USA and UK in their continuous war policy, is now used for criminal ingerence, attack, invasion, bombing(including of civilians,forcing populations to flee to neighbor countries) destruction of sovereign countries against the Geneva accords, and the United Nations charter, to enforce the pillage of natural resources (mainly oil and gaz) wild privatization of its banks and social infrastructures, destruction of its political and social structures to install puppets and a neoliberal casino type economy, endebting local people for billions in reconstruction contracts never completed , like did in Yugoslavia(Serbia-Bosnia) Irak,Afghanistan,Pakistan, Libya,Yemen and soon Syria Iran .____ More info at - - ___ Note that EuropeanUnion was convinced to join NATO, instead of making its own military force and power, and see the Euro currency destabilized by GoldmanSachs.___ -
Many countries could offer social needs to their citizens.___ Cause their PUBLIC central banks could provide interest-free loans to Provincial, State, Federal, and/or Municipal needs like roads, schools, pensions, health-care etc... as without debts and deficits, this until 1974 ______ THEN, were convinced by the Banksters to join the (BIS)or Bank for International Settlements, thus PRIVATIZING their Central Banks, all loans now bearing multiple interest. (interests are impossible to pay back, reason for all kind of increasing taxes, the currency printed and distributed covering capital only.) Their monetary and financial policies now DICTATED by foreign private banks, BIS, the FSF(FinancialStabilityForum)and IMF(InternationalMonetaryFund) . ___Starting from that Date, the DEBT and Deficits started to accumulate dramatically from year to year to record levels which will lead sooner or later to the actual situation of Greece or worse Cyprus. ___All economic, politic, war decisions on earth are decided by two families, the Rothschilds,(running the above mentioned organizations, with the BIS)the Rockefellers(who wants to reduce world population by 50% by starving or killing) and their agent Soros (with the help of GoldmanSachs and J.P.Morgan-Chase at the international level)___ Very bad laws, considering a corporation as a person and a worker as discardable merchandise___Shure that a system based on profits and mergers will have to bust sooner or later as making a very few extremely rich at the expense of a majority getting extremely poorer as slave condition colonized workers._____ More info at - ____ A friend (I think his name was Ahmadinejad) once said, Glorious USA and their Banksters printed in the last 30 years for 29,000 billion of dollars in treasury bonds and dollar bills, without any backing(gold or resource). _With this fake money-currency, they appropriated for themselves most of the World resources(mainly Oil), being the most important FRAUD in human history.____ Glorious USA have been bankrupt for years, but just raise regularly the debt ceiling to keep going. Another friend (named Khaddafi I guess)after being assassinated, and his country and people destroyed, saw from above that 32 billion dollars of the money Libya contributed for the African countries Monetary Fund, African non-private(or Public) central bank and African Investment Bank, and the gold reserve was Stolen by glorious USA to empoverish the whole African continent countries even more aside from the 180 billions stolen from the Libyan people central bank along with the oil production infrastructures.__Actual privatized world banking financing wars very profitably.Read more on the subject at - -

legalized corruption

__                     Corruption is legal in glorious USA (spreading it to all other countries by the installation of puppets) by calling it lobbeying, speculation, and permission to use fiscal heavens by banks, multinationals and hedge funds___Also legalized is torture(if not done on U.S. soil), removal of citizens rights with the patriot act and other laws, private jails/prisons and legal documents promoting with all kinds of excuses the attack, invasion (called liberation) destruction, killing of civilian families, (called collateral damage from the criminal BushCheneyRumsfeld,Blair era) of sovering independent countries which were never a threat to any other country and especially not to glorious USA,(good for the shares of Halliburton,Carlyle,Northrup-Grumman,GeneralDynamics,Raytheon etc...on wall street)  in a predatory continuous war policy, (Keagan and Bzrezinski)oil and war being the two main US republican industries.__More than 45 countries bombed since 1947 __The life of an American human being is worth millions, but the life of any non-American has no value and can be destroyed or removed without mercy (previously accused of being a communist,and now of Muslim faith) like done in several sovereign countries now, against all international laws, Geneva convention or UN charter.    __    Only way to counter this predatory policy is a collaboration between China, Russia, India, Iran, Venezuela and Brazil (non-aligned) and hopefully all oil producing other countries to use any currency other than the American dollar for all their foreign transactions.___ More info at - -(armed madhouse) - ___ We are not anti-American(maybe a little for those who vote republican), have many friends in the New-England states, Florida and California, we like the average American worker-taxpayer, but do not like at all the corrupted to the bone American warmonger politicians,congressmen,senators,lobbeyists,banksters and non-elected CIA-NED and military leaders. ____ -

__Solutions to the Crisis__

              Real role of the elected being make an independent sovereign country self-sufficient and redistribute the riches so the poor have access to basic needs like health-care education lodging etc... First,__ apply the theories of the economist-Clifford Hugh Douglas- Social-Credit system (see the explanation on wikipedia and the videos of Jeremy Lee on youtube) with a public not privatized central bank(thus, no income,sales or property taxes) with dividend paid from national production and resources profit to every citizen, minimum income, thus no employment insurance or welfare needed, __ Second, apply the JamesTobin tax on all stock market(wall street trading) bond and currency transactions to end wild speculation(equivalent to the proposed Harkin-Whitehouse bill). __Third, limit the salaries, bonuses, commissions, of the banksters, traders, lobbeyists, administrators, managers of multinationals, subcontractors, agencies, studies, and high ranking government employees. __Fourth, prohibit fiscal heavens, hedge funds and fiscal instruments registered in no-tax countries, limit the profits of multinationals and banks sending the surpluses in a trust fund used to end debts losses and deficits. Form credit unions or cooperatives along with manufacturing and farm co-ops.___ Plus, Protect depositor funds from derivative raids by repealing the superiority status of derivatives___Separate depository banks from investment banks by repealing the commodity futures modernization act of 2000 and reinstating the Sherman Anti-Trust and Glass-Steagall acts and citizen,s united.___ Stop considering corporations as individuals and using citizen-worker taxes to subsidize corporations and banks speculation-gambling losses.___Protect Public and Private revenues by establishing a network of Publicly-owned banks modeled from the bank of North Dakota. A good example, Iceland, whose population took the banksters to jail, and managed thru a real democracy, cooperatives, citizens committees and new economy.____ FEED THE WORLD, banning food production limit quotas and suicide GMO seeds, promote production of protein bacteria in vegetable oil__ While a 1,000 pounds steer is producing a pound of protein a day, bacteria (a half-ton of micro-organism) in oil produces 2,500 pounds of proteins. Ref: Professor Alfred Champagnat, Victor Papanek.___ Energy produced by wind sun and sea (water-temp difference surface-bottom or wave movements plants)__ And soft water from reverse-osmosis dessanilation plants.__Electrified public transportation, (no diesel or gazoline) network.See - - -


__Russia and USSR destruction by the U.S.

                  Back to the Reagan era, his financial advisor discovered how the USSR financed itself, so decided to destroy it to privatize, capitalize and install a free-market economy.  __ With the help of the Saudis, kept the price of Oil at an all time low (main export of Russia to get foreign currencies) and blocked the currency transfers between the six private west European banks owned by Russia, and presto USSR went bankrupt. US agent George Sorros (CIA-NationalEndowment for Democracy) went in, devalued the ruble by 50%, hired Yavlinsky (sent to US for studies) Gaidar and Chubais, to privatize all the resources and industries, mainly Oil, install a taxation system and a new constitution, corrupt the leaders and administrators of resources (including famed Khodorkovsky) installations to make them the actual Oligarchs stealing the Russian people._______Gorbachov had no choice but declare bankruptcy, Eltsin later destroyed the USSR agreements. _____ Vladimir Putin saved what was left of the Russian economy, by sending Khodorkovsky to jail who wanted to sell half the shares of the Russian Oil industry (Lukoil) to American and British multinationals, scaring the other oligarchs from trying same, but could not stop them from reinvesting their profits outside Russia, which harmed what was left of Russian economy a lot.__ Ref : the book -- LaFaceCachee du Petrole by/par Eric Laurent._____More recently, US ambassador McFaul in Russia, with Soros funded NGO,s financed the GOLOS protest movement against the reelection of Vladimir Putin, same way as did with the OTPOR movement in Yugoslavia, against all international laws, UN charter or Geneva convention. See the documentary movie - the weight of chains - available free on youtube, and the sites - __ __ -



                    Some think that glorious USA by promoting it is a Democratic country...  hell never. Proven since the Roman era, a government with a senate is a democracy freedom and rights for the rich oligarchy only (private,political,military and /or religious.) _____There is TWO kinds of democracy BEING, ___ the REPRESENTATIVE (or fake US style) campains financed by oligarchs and lobbeyists, private banks and multinationals, oil and war industry. Second one is ___ the PARTICIPATIVE, (the real one) with permanent citizens comittees (regional and/or municipal,cooperative) meeting once a months or more, participating in all government important decisions, even military (by vote or referendum) and proposing candidates for elections. ____  For this reason, the LAW OF SARKAR on Social Cycles, historically applied and always will, BEING__Alternatively in power___The Intellectuals (religious or other) ___The Military (law and order) ___ The Laborer-worker (communism-socialism) ___and The Accumulators (actual oligarchy)                       Anything Social in glorious USA is called Charity.All the US army or CIA-NED leaders are non-elected. There can be No Communism without totalitarism, and No Socialism without solidarity. The most efficient Communist system is a religious community, exemple, the Amish or the Mennonites, all the resources used for the good and betterment of the commune. __ For a very poor country, communism evoluting after a few years to social-democracy (Scandinavian-style) is the only way to get out of misery.___ The elected having to : redistribute the riches and make the country self-sufficient offering stability and security to its citizens, rich or poor, make basic neccessities available to everyone(lodging,water,energy,food,education,health-care) ___Communism had to be modernized and democratized but certainly not destroyed, glorious USA even try now to destroy anything social,now called charity, like health care and pension funds by privatizations__ (read the green charter and book at for a refreshing change)_____ More info at - (armed madhouse) -


__Oil_War_ Oligarchs and Banksters.

          The USA fully corrupt economy is bankrupt raising the debt ceiling regularly, and the dollar nearly worthless (as not backed by gold or resource).   Their obcession being lucrative War industry, plus Oil & mining industry control, to maintain their hegemony and the status of their oligarchy. ___These were the reasons for the continuous war policy, and why they created the Pakistani-Afghan talibans (sending billions to BinLaden to oust Russians out of Afghanistan) to train them and spread terrorism worldwide. Also sent money to local warlords to make Opium the main export product and finance the covert operations of the CIA,s NationalEndowment for Democracy(NED) to foment trouble and revolutions everywhere, like did in nearly all ex-soviet states, war in Irak, Saddam owing money to US (debt on armament used against Iran), installing their puppets (Karzai and others), then war in no debt social Yugoslavia sending Albanian muslim terrorist agents to Serbia-Bosnia, and their agent G.Soros sponsored NGO,s start the OTPOR movement leading to the Clinton order for NATO to bomb, then privatize banks, devaluate and destroy the local currency, and Soros privatize the national Trepka mines and take control for his hedge funds.(see the documentary movie - the weight of chains - on youtube)____Now Libya, to steal and rob the Oil industry production, the gold reserve, and billions of surpluses accumulated in the country and African countries Union Funds, privatize the central Libyan bank, destroy the gold dinar currency, more than a hundred thousand civilians killed, many raped or tortured, in the NATO so preventive humanitarian bombings. Repeating the same for Syria.___ Later, GoldmanSachs turned Greece bankrupt to destabilize the Euro currency, only currency competing with the American dollar in Oil international transactions, US pushed EU to join NATO (Sarko)instead of having its own force and military power, now inventing reason to provoke and harrass Iran Russia_____What next for criminal US hegemony seems without end.__ Criminal Banksters now not only controlling Oil production, BUT to control pharma,food, real estate and water access (Monsanto,Cargill,Ricetech,Bechtel etc...)__ To speculate on foodstuff, and privatize (GMO patents) the living, should be criminal. Vital aspect of hybrid seeds is their lack of reproductive capacity. ___Henry Kissenger declared in the 70,s - If you control the oil production, you control the country : if you control food production(and/or water), you control the population. __


__Economy__Crisis__and beyond

             There was the industrial ( manufacturing) era, the 30 prosperous years of the British economist John Meynard Keynes when Production versus Consumption (offer and demand) were the honest basics(competing with the cooperatives system in the USSR) . __Then came the service and technical era economy with the coming of the computers and robots which transformed the production process and the workers who had to adapt, or found workless.__Then the market economy came, companies and their products listed on the stock market to permit non-productive speculators to bet on the betterment, difficulties, or doom of companies and products.(beleiving in the invisible magic hand of economist Adam Smith)__Also came later Reagan era, risky theories of economists, Freedman and Hayek,(called the Chicago boys) with old-age workers pension funds added in the casino-type speculation, the free-market and globalisation economy where competition with other countries producing with lower worker wages in near slavery conditions, many local jobs lost to these countries hurting the middle class, wild and risky speculation even by the banks, the creation of fiscal heavens, hedge funds (registered in no-tax countries) permitted the private banks to make a coup against the government faking being bankrupt (how can a bank turn bankrupt as emitting money from nothing) to have their risky bad debts and losses reimbursted by the government(mostly derivatives).__UNBELEIVABLE but true, the government gave them billions from the worker-citizens taxes (borrowed from these same banks thru the fed) to permit these rich banksters traders and lobbeyists keep their profits, salaries and bonuses without interruption, biggest SWINDLE ever, proving that the entire system was already CORRUPTED to the bones, creating a crisis as never seen, when it would have been easy to evade this (with a public fed as required by the constitution) in a honest social-credit banking and economy system (as economist Clifford Hugh Douglas explained years ago, see the his social-credit system explanations on wikipedia).